Bona fide letterpress printing goodness in Richmond, Virginia.

FAQs you asked, we answered.

Do you only use your antique type for printing?

We will use plates, but would rather design and print with the antiques we already own. If you need your logo or other doodad in your printed piece, we can print with a magnesium plate.

What kind of impact do you have on the environment?

Well let us see.
We use our arms and legs to operate the presses, so no need for electricity to run the machines.
We use our antique wood and metal type to build each work of art, time and time again.
Our paper is treeless (made from 100% cotton) or recycled.
Our cleaners are natural and non-toxic.
And because we are slightly obsessed with being a good friend to our Earth, we use our paper scraps for all sorts of random things, recycle and reuse packaging materials, purchase from other eco-conscious companies, and so on. I think you get the picture.

So well, I’d say our environmental impact is very, very minimal.

How much is a custom order?

It all depends on the quantity, words and style you are looking to have created. We will figure up the cost and get you a quote – usually the same day.

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