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Oct 15, 2014 Blog 0 Comments

When an individual or company provides a service immeasurable steps above the rest, so should their marketing material. Eric Herod is a Wedding Entertainment Director. He isn’t your average DJ that just plays music and goes through the motions. Oh no. He intertwines the couple, their love story, the guests, and the music into one unique experience. He is amazing.

Old Timey had the privilege of creating two promotional items for Eric: a handout geared toward the brides and a broadside targeting the grooms. Each piece was created using antique wood type, metal type, and custom logo blocks. The handout was printed on a Craftsman Superior press and the broadside on a Showcard Signmaster press.

letterpress 2-color custom business flyer

letterpress 2-color custom promotional business flyer

letterpress lockup handout color 1

letterpress lockup handout color 2 closeup

Letterpress Broadside Promotional Display

Lockup for Letterpress Broadside Wood Type

Letterpress Broadside Promotional Poster

Letterpress Broadside Old Timey Wanted Poster

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