Bona fide letterpress printing goodness in Richmond, Virginia.

And Now for the story.

Old Timey is located in Richmond, Virginia, nestled in the historic neighborhood of Jackson Ward. Our studio is circa 1905, just like our very first press! How fitting.

So what makes us so awesome, you ask?

We are a family owned and operated business. We work in harmony. We love letterpress, typography, color, and getting our hands dirty.

When creating our letterpress designs and layouts, we work a little differently than most. We do it without computers. The process is slow. We use our hands to build each word, letter by letter. No plastic pre-made designs. Just good old fashion wood, lead, iron, paper, and ink. Now, mix that with passion, elbow grease, a fantastic eye for design, and a great deal of patience. And there you have it, Old Timey Letterpress Studio.

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