Bona fide letterpress printing goodness in Richmond, Virginia.

Taking it back a century.

Printing Presses

ALL of the antique presses at Old Timey are operated by our arms and legs. That’s right, muscle-powered.


Golding Pearl #11 Improved

This 7″ x 11″ floor model press, manufactured in 1905, was built to last forever. It is powered by the use of a treadle.


Kelsey Excelsior Model FA

This is our mammoth 9″ x 13″ table-top press. One of the biggest of its kind ever made and very rare. This hunk of iron gives our arms a great workout.


Showcard Model B Special Signmaster

Our Signmaster prints up to 15″ x 24″ and lets us break out the larger wood type in the collection. This rare beauty is one of the few presses of its size that is still around.

Craftsmen Superior table top printing press

Craftmen Superior

Our World War II printing press has a chase size of 6.5″ x 10″. It was original to the USS Essex, an aircraft carrier built for the United States Navy during World War II, and even survived a kamikaze attack.

Showcard Model 7-11 printing press

Showcard Model 7-11

This little guy came out of the one of the original J.C. Penney stores from the midwest. It still prints proofs up to 7″ x 11″ flawlessly and is light enough to move around the shop .


Sigwalt Ideal #3

The modest 4″ x 6″ press handles the smaller jobs and is perfect for printing our custom coasters and business cards.


Wood Type

Old Timey currently prints with well over 100 antique wood fonts that range in style from elegant to obscure.

Outlined Wood Type Letterpress

Antique Tuscan Outlined

This 8 line font, by Wm. H. Page & Co. of Greeneville, Connecticut, dates back to 1859.

Script Wood Type Letterpress

Bulletin Script No. 1

Shown in the Page’s Wood Type Album of 1879, this 8 line font is one of our favorites in the collection.

Wm. H. Page Tuscan Italian Wood Type

Tuscan Italian

Measuring in at almost 2 3/4″ tall (16 line), this rare font made by Wm. H. Page & Co. was created circa 1859.

Wm. H. Page Diecut Wood Type

Page Diecut No. 502

This 10 line font, by Wm. H. Page & Co., was manufactured using the diecut method of making wood type between 1887 and 1891.



Metal Type

Old Timey has about 70 antique metal fonts used to create the fine print. Scripts to serifs, we have it all. The majority of our metal type dates to the 1850s and was cast by The Johnson Type Foundry of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.




We have wood borders, leading, sticks, rules, cuts…if it was made back in the day for printing, we probably have it and use it on a regular basis.

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