Bona fide letterpress printing goodness in Richmond, Virginia.


Meet the talented folks that run the studio, Nathan and Heather. Two peas in a pod. The anomalous twosome. The most talented print duo around. Aspiring to create each project just a step above the last.


Nathan Simon

The son of an artist, Nathan was trained from birth to have an impeccable eye for art and design. His mother guided him in the life of multi-disiplinary arts that included wood carving and relief printing. After graduating from VCU’s Graphic Design program, he went to work at a downtown ad agency, eventually leaving with the title of Art Director. After conquering every design program known to man, Nathan grew bored and found that his true niche in the field is working hands-on with design, away from computers. Aside from letterpress printing, he enjoys living in Richmond, being dapper, as well as collecting art and wood type.


Heather Sorensen

Both a dreamer and a realist, Heather has excelled in life by using both sides of her brain. She was raised with honorable work ethic, a strong sense of family, and an entrepreneurial spirit. She graduated from The School of Communication Arts in 2002, immediately landing a graphic design position with a family-owned print shop. There, Heather learned the ropes of design, print, and bindery, and developed a love for the smell of freshly inked paper. Heather founded Bigtree in 2005, a graphic design company, still in operation today. While her passion for computer-aided design is strong, creating authentic letterpress designs allows her to get lost in the meditation of hands-on typographic puzzles, something a screen could never do.

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